Best Staunton Traffic Lawyer

Best Staunton Traffic Lawyer

Best Staunton Traffic Lawyer

Best Staunton Traffic Lawyer:  Contact Bob Keefer today for a FREE CASE EVALUATION. There is no cost or obligation and your conversation will remain private and confidential.  540.433.6906;  Get the Benefit of Bob’s more than 30 Years Experience.

Best Staunton Traffic Lawyer: Indianapolis Colt Rookie Linebacker Andrew Jackson has been arrested and convicted for DUI.  The news report from Bowling Green, Kentucky is that he was arrested early in the morning of Friday, January 23, 2015.  Jackson was stopped on University Avenue by  Officer Eric Stroud.  Apparently Jackson was weaving within his lane and driving on the lane divider.  Stroud noted that Jackson’s person smelled of alcohol, that his eyes were bloodshot and watery and his speech was slurred.  Stroud also noted that Jackson failed field sobriety tests.  Of course, bloodshot eyes are no longer a clue of intoxication.  Watery eyes have nothing to do with intoxication.  And, last but not least, one cannot “fail’ the roadside gymnastics also called the Standardized Field Sobriety Tests (SFSTs).

Best Staunton Traffic Lawyer:  Jackson blew into the evidential breath test device and registered a 0.088 grams per 210 Liters breath alcohol number (BrAC).  The nationwide legal limit is 0.08 grams per 210 Liters so Jackson was just over the legal limit.  If you calculate the uncertainty of measurement for the gadget used to determine Jackson’s BrAC he could actually be under the legal limit.

Best Staunton Traffic Lawyer:  In an amazing fast trial, if the news media is to be believed, Jackson has already managed to plead guilty to the DUI charge.  He received a sentence of two weeks home incarceration, a required alcohol education program and a suspended driver’s license.  Jackson apparently received an earlier DUI charge in May, 2014 in Muncie, Indiana.

Best Staunton Traffic Lawyer:  Jackson did not have an amazing year with the Colts.  Two DUIs in less than a year may harm his chances of staying with the team.


ABest Staunton Traffic Lawyer

Best Staunton Traffic Lawyer




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