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In June of 2015, Dewayne Coleman, also known at Rapper MC Supreme, was killed in an automobile crash on the Pacific Coast Highway near Malibu, California.  Rapper MC Supreme‘s most acclaimed work was “Black In America.”  Rapper MC Supreme was in a parked vehicle on the roadside which was truck by a pickup.  Rapper MC Supreme was declared deceased at the scene and his passenger was taken away by ambulance.  #augustacountyrecklessdriving

Rapper MC Supreme had spent his last years working to keep young people from joining intercity gangs.  Law enforcement charged the pickup driver with driving under the influence.

Operating an automobile is a serious proposition.  One second of not paying attention or being distracted or being impaired can end and change lives in the blink of an eye.  Many people become sedated to the dangers posed by operating an automobile.  A vehicle moving at highway speeds can cover the length of a football field in seconds.  People have to pay attention to avoid tragedies like this one.

Many people think that more law enforcement will solve this problem.  That is not correct.  Law enforcement usually shows up after the tragedy not before.  We need to give people better reasons for driving safely than jail when they do not.









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