Staunton Speeding Ticket

Staunton Speeding Ticket

Staunton Speeding Ticket

When you get a Staunton Speeding Ticket call the Lawyer with more than 30 Years Experience — Bob Keefer.  Bob’s office will schedule a FREE CALL with Bob for you.  During that free call Bob will explain your options and probable outcomes.  The call is free and it is also confidential and privileged.

Staunton Speeding Ticket: Anyone can get stopped for speeding.  In late August of 2015, Justin Bieber, the famous singer, got stopped for speeding in Beverly Hills, California.  Although Bieber was speeding the Beverly Hills police charged him for passing on the right and for having a tinted windshield.  Bieber moved to Beverly Hills after he had significant criminal problems with a neighbor and destruction of property.  Bieber was also charged with DWI in the past but was able to successfully defend himself against that charge.  Bieber actually complicated his DWI case by making various statements and admissions that law enforcement attempted to use to convict him.  The problem for Bieber’s DWI prosecution is that he was not under the influence at the time of driving.  However, admitting to drug use earlier in the day did not make Bieber’s defense easier for his counsel.

Staunton Speeding Ticket:  Everyone in our society; including Justin Bieber, needs to understand that speaking with the police is a terrible idea.  It never helps and always hurts.  The time to argue your case and take your stand is not on the side of the roadway.  Instead, it is in court with your Lawyer in front of a Judge or Jury.  If you share your best stuff with the police officer the prosecution will work to nullify the effectiveness of your defense.  Keefer Law Firm advises people to use our FREE APP and simply tell Law Enforcement:  “I want a Lawyer.  If I am not under arrest, please let me go.”  It is what the arresting officer would say if he was the one facing charges.  You cannot win playing the prosecution’s game; you can win invoking your rights under the Constitution.

Staunton Speeding Ticket

Staunton Speeding Ticket



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